How We Help Business To Thrive Sustainably
We equip decision-makers with the knowledge, tools and confidence to lead a sustainable future with shared prosperity.
How We Help Business
To Thrive Sustainably
We equip decision-makers with the knowledge, tools and confidence to lead a sustainable future with shared prosperity.

PIE Strategy is an impact-driven sustainability consultancy that provides customised solutions for companies to activate sustainable change, enabling them to thrive responsibly and sustainably.

Our emphasis on providing bespoke solutions to clients ensures that we meet clients wherever they are on their sustainability journey to provide solutions tailored to their needs and that add value to them.
Our Bespoke Solutions

Embed environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities in business strategy
As a trusted advisor to decision-makers, we have a strong track record in helping leading corporations in Asia to embed sustainability in their business models and growth strategies, connecting financial success with social progress and environmental preservation. We work as an impact partner of our clients to activate the implementation of the strategy through optimising the governance framework and leveraging our proprietary process supported by practical tools and effective engagement.
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Navigate the climate challenge and net-zero transition
Our climate scientists and sustainability specialists work with companies to pursue net-zero ambition - from accounting for scope 1, 2, 3 greenhouse gas emissions to build emissions inventory and setting science-based emissions reduction targets, to scenario analysis and stress-testing the resilience of their assets and business strategies, as well as providing advisory for on-going emissions reduction and climate-related communication strategies. Our expertise in climate science and extensive, practical experience in corporate sustainability management in Asia enable us to support clients to navigate the climate challenge through a lean, focused and strategic approach.
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Strategise ESG disclosure and investor communication
As an experienced and award-winning ESG reporter, we support publicly listed corporations and pre-IPO companies in crafting quality disclosure that is focused, compelling and credible and meets the compliance requirements of international and local standards, from ESG disclosure requirements of Hong Kong and Japan Stock Exchanges to TCFD recommendations, CDP, DJSI, GRI, SDG Impact, etc.
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Build trusted leadership through insightful stakeholder engagement
As a specialist in corporate sustainability management, we help companies navigate the myriad of ESG issues to identify what's material to their business and their stakeholders through evidence-based research and strategic engagement with stakeholders. We work with clients to embed ESG in their narratives to speak to investors and customers in an authentic and effective way that build trust and engagement, thereby creating future supporters for you – part of a recognised leadership strategy.
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Optimise ESG data management and data analytics
As a data expert, we help clients build the right framework and process for managing ESG data to inform decisions, drive operational excellence, guide product innovation, and ensure regulatory compliance.
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Pioneer social impact assessment and management
As a social impact analyst and innovator, we apply internationally leading methodologies of social impact assessment (SIA) to assess and quantify the socio-economic impacts resulting from specific projects or a company's business activities, and help clients develop a bespoke approach to embed the deliberation of social impact in the corporate governance framework.
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Trusted by leading organisations in Asia, working in partnership to drive a shared, sustainable future
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